Natural Molecules for the Flavour and Fragrance Industry


Tojo Vikas Biotech Pvt. Ltd. expects to be a leader in the sustainable production of natural flavour and fragrance ingredients either using biocatalysis or biotransformation.

A pipeline of products including aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, natural molecules and aromatics has been identified for development.


About Us

As a dynamic and versatile group Tojo Vikas Biotech Pvt Ltd aims to sustainably produce high value natural chemicals for the flavour and fragrance industry using innovative biocatalysis or biotransformation processes and renewbale raw materials. We target individual or families of molecules as well as the development of proprietary technology platforms. We aim to become a partner of choice and are also motivated by developing collaborations related to other segments of active ingredients such as for application in cosmetics, natrual colours and neutraceuticals.

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